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Look at this Infographic I found recently. I couldn’t have said it any better!


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Tech Kids

I recently got an iPad -blogs explaining this coming soon- and I’m learning new things about it everyday. It’s great! What’s kewl about tablets is that they are smaller and lighter than laptops and you can interact with them by touching the screen. There are apps for just about anything that you would want to do and they’re great for productivity, as well as fun, on the go. I have a long history with technology and, thus, find it relatively easy and exhilarating taking the learning curve for the latest and greatest gadgets and devices that populate the market. Some other adult both young and old, however, do not. Some people find it hard, and not worth the trouble to learn a new machine that they may not use to the fullest capacity. This is understandable, if not a little sad. But, that’s not what we’re here to discuss. I think it is amazing to watch children find their ways around technology so easily. As time passes, it seems the age of the technologically savvy continues to lower. My cousin Philip, shown above, is 4, and he was whizzing around my tablet like it was nothing. I thought he might need to be taught how to play Angry Birds, but he told me he was already a fan of the game (his words, not mine), and he knew how to play. My niece Olivia, below, is 2, and she loves watching Curious George on the Netflix app and when I came back to check on her and change to the next episode, she was already there, and was rewinding the video. Amazing! And you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the kewl infographic after the cute kid!

What this means for business owners is that you should never underestimate the power of technology! What to know how to get your business started with social media? Go here!


Tumblr: In the Great Divide

Recently a client asked about how to set up a Tumblr blog that she is starting. Since WordPress has always been my blogging vehicle of choice, I had to take a crash course -pun intended-, and what I found was interesting. Tumblr seems to be the cool younger sibling in the blog family. You know, loves hard, hurts hard, fickle and free. It’s like they wanted to say more than Twitter, but didn’t want to commit to settling down like WordPress or Blogger. I’m going to give you a few reasons why that’s great!

1. Short and fast content:
Say you are an artist, you may not want to build your brand on how much you know about the history of the art form, or the current controversy surrounding the medium, per se.  Maybe you just want to show the world your personality and your work.  A full blog might be hard to fill out, too much work to post a simple picture or quote that lets your fans know what is going on in you world.  Tumblr provides an easy fix.  A simple and easy to use -read learn- platform, means that you don’t have to fuss with the logistics, you can just post.

Which brings me to my next point,

2. Easy set-up:
There is something to be said about the ease posting, but there is even more to be said about how easily one can get to the point of posting.  No one starts blog to spend all of their time setting it up and designing the pages and placing widgets, and while some, like us at KR Social Media Consulting, enjoy the set-up, most just want to start posting.  Tumblr is for that person.  You can seriously set up an account and post within minutes, maybe seconds over there.  There aren’t even any pesky sample posts or comments to delete (no offense).

3. Variety of media:
I love writing.  That, however, does not change the fact that every once in a while, I just want to post a picture to say my 1000 words.  No title.  No typing.  Tumblr makes this easier than ever with its 6 easy to understand icons. Check it out!

At the top, you can see the bar or icons.  When you log in, this page (dashboard), is what you get.  Useful, huh?  This makes it easy to write an entry, or simply post a quote you just heard.  Not too many clicks, or much set up, you just click on the icon that best represents what you want to post and voila!

4. Re-blogging:
Tumblr is an online community that encourages sharing.  They encourage re-blogging, or reposting, other users’ posts, they like to share the love and spread the info.  That’s great if you want to get your work, ideas, or great personality out to the masses.  Since it’s so easy to do, people do it all the time!

All in all, these are just a few things that make Tumblr a viable option for your blogging needs as a professional, or just as a regular person who wants to share yourself with the world!  So get out there and blog, but don’t forget to come back and post a link of your page, so that we can check you out.

Also, if you are in need of some guidance, feel free to ask us.  We love to help people and businesses get connected right!

Get out!

We, here at KR Social Media Consulting, love the net.  Seriously, we can’t get enough!  There are so many ways to connect with new and interesting people and businesses and share links to terrific information, entertainment, and causes, that our hearts overflow with affection for the virtual world.  That being said, we want you to turn of the LCD and get out into the world..er, the real world, that is.  Wait!..not before you read this post!

It’s no hugh secret that we love content.  We believe that content curation and creation are both great tools for you business.  People are always searching for information, and the newer, more entertaining, and more useful it is, the better!  Well, where can I find such content?, you may ask.  The answer is simple.  Sometimes you just have to get out.  There are discoveries, new problems to solve, product reviews and reactions, and out-of-the-box ideas that you can encounter only when you network and socialize in the old fashioned way.  You know, in person.  Long before social networks and the world wide web were even a thought, people socialized face to face. We know, crazy! But they may have been on to something! The truth is there is still nothing in cyberland that can beat running into a friend on the street and having them demonstrate the cool new smartphone they just bought. No matter how much you fight it, that moment sticks and comes to mind the next time you’re shopping for a new device. Word of mouth and hands on experience still trump LCD everytime. That’s just the way it is. 🙂

Social Media Management Tool of The Week


Welcome back for another installment of KR Social Media Consulting Social Media Management Tool of The Week ( #smmtotw). We hope that everyone had a great holiday season filled with family, friends, memories, love and food! This weeks Social Media Tool of The Week is going to be a review of Sendible, this is a very complex online based program so this post will give you a brief overview.

Sendible has many different packages that are designed to fit many different budgets Starting at $9.99. They also offer a 30-day free trial with no credit card info required to give you a no strings attached opportunity to evaluate the product. There is a lot to try in thirty days, but they also have videos available on Youtube and a great customer service staff that is available to assist you with any questions that you have.

Sendible is an online based program and it’s one of the first that I have worked with that supports a large number of social media outlet options so that the you can manage all of your networks in one place. Here is a link to the > list< of the networks that are supported on Sendible. Two of the main services that we use at KR Social Media Consulting are Facebook and Twitter, and this program allows us to manage those as well as a plethora of other networks!

Sendible offers a way to manage your networks completely from your message box. The facebook account in sendible, for instance, it is very comprehensive, you can view your your profile comments, update your profile, update your fan pages, and see the activity in your groups as well as participate in those conversations. This is my favorite stream within sendible because you can monitor all of the conversations and comments in any group that you are a part of and comment right from your sendible desk top. Now, I mentioned earlier in the post that the packages start at $9.99 and with each package you only get a certain number of services; so if you are just starting and you don’t have the funds to get a bigger package there is one problem. The way the program is set up, each network that you manage is considered a service and each stream that you have within each network is considered a service. Each package sets a limit on how many of these “services” you can have. So, if you sign up for a cheaper package, you will quickly have to choose which services you want to manage in the program. If you have a number of profiles for your business of brand or if you manage profiles and networks for other businesses you may want to choose one of the bigger packages.

With everything in one place you have the ability to interact with your fans and follower, answer questions and have conversations with your fans and contributors in your groups as well as update your blog and sent out your weekly or monthly news letter all from the some place, without having to sign into multiple places. This program is one that will save you lots of time when managing your own social media as a small business owner or a social media manager. Please join us In the coming weeks as we will be breaking down some of the key components of Sendible.

Please leave you feedback, let us know what you think about this product and let us know what you think about our site. . Check back with us next week for another installment of the Social Media Management Tool of The Week also follow us on on twitter @krsmconsulting and like our Facebook Fan Page